How much is your package rate and how many kids are included?

We actually based the rate on the number of kids. Our packages are good for 20, 30 and 50 kids. Quantity of nametags, party hats, loot bags, tokens and Ride-All-You-Can tags are equivalent to the number of kids in the package.

A - 20 P8,000 P9,000
B - 30 P10,500 P11,500
C - 50 P14,000 P15,000


What are the package inclusions?

All packages include name tags, party hats, lootbags with contents, small game prizes from Toys ‘R Us, Aggy’s birthday cake, birthday streamer, a gift and certificate for the celebrant, party host and Pixie the Fairy or Skip the Squirrel mascot appearance. Plus of course the venue and sound system with chairs and tables.
The package does not include the food and other party favors though.


Where are the parties held?

We have two (2) venues for your parties, which can accommodate up to 120pax. If you want an enclosed venue, the PARTY ROOM is the perfect area for you. This room can provide accommodation for up to 100 guests. The PICNIC GROVE is a more unique venue with its famous character trees and jungle-like effect in an enchanted village. The venue can house a maximum of 120 heads.


Will use of the venue be exclusive to us?

The party areas will be exclusive for you; however, the Picnic Grove shall be enclosed with barricades for your privacy. Nevertheless, the rest of the Amusement Center will still be open to other guests.


What time slots are open for birthday bookings?

Birthday parties may be held at the following times:

10:00 to 1:00
1:45 to 4:45
5:30 to 8:30


Are we allowed to have time extension?

Use of venue is basically good for three (3) hours only. Extension shall only be honored if there is no confirmed party for the next slot. Moreover, time extension shall be subject for additional rate upon verification of party schedule at least two days before the actual date of the event. Therefore, request for time extension is not valid upon reservation regardless of full payment. Should you wish to make use of the party area for more than three hours, you will have to pay for the same package rate.


What if the party falls on a holiday, what time are we going to follow?

Weekday and Weekend time will be the same regardless of holiday schedule.


May I bring in food?

Bringing of food inside the park for parties is not allowed except for water, bread and rice. We have RECOMMENDED FOOD SUPPLIERS who can help you prepare for the event. Our party suppliers consist of partner food tenants and outside caterers. Packages and list shall be discussed with you personally.


May I bring in party favors/entertainers and the like?

We also have RECOMMENDED PARTY SUPPLIERS who can assist you with all other party amenities you need such as balloons, party souvenir items, photo and video coverage, magicians, face painters and the like. Nevertheless, we shall allow you to bring in additional game prizes and party loot bag contents. If in case some of the amenities you need are not included in the list of our accredited party suppliers, we will allow you then to bring particular items which shall be subject for a certain corkage fee.


What if my relatives and the celebrant’s godparents will sponsor the photo/video and other amenities, will we be allowed to bring them in?

For proper upkeep of standards, we discourage permission of such. As a courtesy, our partner suppliers can assist them with their requirements. We will be glad to discuss with them factors that they need to make your child’s birthday a memorable one.


Do I get free ride tickets?

The package includes Ride-All-You-Can wrist tags; however, it will only be distributed to the number of kids you have in the package.


Is the birthday celebrant included in the Ride Package?

YES. Unless you choose to have one (1) free Ride-All-You-Can tag for him/her instead of the “bag” as gift for the celebrator.


I have babies and toddler guests. Are they considered children who should be required to pay for an admission ticket?

There is NO ENTRANCE FEE actually. However, we suggest you take them into consideration when counting the number of loot bags or meals. Our rides however require a PAY-PER-PERSON-POLICY. Should your toddler guests wish to enjoy our rides where they need to be accompanied by an adult, we will have to require you to purchase additional Ride-All-You-Can tags for them. Lap babies or those with height 31” and below are free to enjoy the rides. The tags shall be given to their parent or nanny instead.


May I enjoy the Park rides before/after my party?

You and your guests are welcome to enjoy the Park’s rides at any time during the day. Our Operations actually starts at 12nn and closes at 8:00pm on weekdays and 10am-9:00pm for weekend. If your party starts at 5:30pm, you can get the RAYC tags in advance.


Do we get to enjoy all rides?

The Ride-All-You-Can tags can only be used for five rides (three rides in Pixie: Elfin Waves, Fairy’s Wheel, Flying Dwarves plus the Grand Carousel and the Junction Express at the 1st Level).


Will the rides be exclusive for our party?

Our Amusement rides shall be open for other walk-in or group / company tour clients during the actual date of your party. Exclusivity is controlled, as the place can be quite crowded during weekends.


What should I do if I have additional guests on the date of the party?

We welcome additional guests. However, additional food for these guests should be discussed with our accredited food partners for them to prepare buffer. In case food orders are from fast food partners, 30 minutes must be given as leeway for additional orders.


What theme do you have?

As of this time, we offer all three rides in Pixie Forest as themes for the party (i.e. Elfin Waves, Flying Dwarves, Fairy’s Wheel plus the Carousel). Other themes of your choice, which are not available such as those requiring copyright and/or royalty permission, is not offered for security concern.


How do I confirm my reservation?

A signed contract and a down payment of 50% are required to confirm your party reservation. However, you can reserve your slot for one (1) week amounting to a non-refundable rate of P2,000 (Cash basis only).


What is the timetable for reservation?

We require clients to reserve their party at least one month before the actual date. No Payment – No Reservation Policy =)


What are the terms of payment? Should I pay for the down payment prior to the party? May I settle the balance on the date of the party itself?

We will require a down payment equivalent to 50% of the contracted birthday party package price. The balance should be paid at least one (1) week before the date of the party. All other additional favors or party amenities can be settled before or after the party (case to case basis).


What are the accepted forms of payment?

Cash, check (named after FLI-Festival Supermall) and major credit cards are accepted.


I am based overseas, how do I go through the process of booking a party?

You may correspond with us through e-mail at or but a local representative in Manila must sign the contract and pay at the Sales Office.


Do you have promos?

Yes, we have. Please contact us for more details.

  • 10% Discount for EARLY BOOKING made three (3) months before the event.**
  • 5% Discount for On-The-Day-Party (valid for weekdays only)**
  • 7th Birthday Party Blast**
  • P300 worth of Ride Tickets for the following:
    • Repeat Party
    • Bring-a-Friend
  • Special Discounts for Tenant Partners